Electron Orbits

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The Schrodinger equation works exceptionally well when determining the electron orbits, though many people are not satisfied, because it does not tell us why. Below is a possible alternative physical description that attempts to explain why, and generate an equation.

I invite you to read A Description for Discrete Electron Orbits about the Atomic Nucleus and encourage you to provide me with feedback as to any errors in logic or inconsistencies with experimental results.

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Applying this theory, I have developed a Java applet simulation to compute atomic radii.

For an explanation of how atoms that are comprised of electrons in spherical orbits are able to clump together into molecules, go to my Shell Model of Molecular Formation page and its companion, Java applet molecular simulation page.

Another interesting paper is Varying Speed of Light Theory that is Consistent with Energy Conservation. Let me know what you think.

Several people have expressed an interest in the nature of time. This link to time may be helpful.

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